Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter Break Trip 2007

In light of my recent job offer my parents got Andrew and I tickets to spend the holidays with my friends and family in Europe! We'll be gone for a whole whopping 3 weeks!

We're flying to Amsterdam December 17th and will spend 2 days and 1 night there before flying on to Dublin the afternoon of the 19th!

We'll be spending Christmas Eve with my cousin in Dublin and possibly Christmas with Andrew's family in Cork.

I LOVE Dublin, it is definitely the hippest city in Europe at the moment. This will be my 3rd time visiting this wonderful city, where my cousin Ilona lives and where I've gone out on a bender with Andrew's friends this past summer. The city where I experienced the worst hangover ever!

Here's a mini preview:

And the city is small and very walkable it's brilliant! Here's the Liffey River:

Ireland is also where beautiful men come from:

At the end of the month, we'll fly over to Liverpool, where we'll be ringing in the new year! We'll be spending time in Formby, where my grandmother lives, right near the beach! And we'll probably spend a day and night in Rhes-y-cae, Wales where my grandfather has the most darling cottage!

Liverpool is going to be the European Union's Capital of Culture in 2008

We're expecting a wicked party in Liverpool to ring in the new year, this is from last year:

Liverpool gets a bad rep, but hello the BEATLES are from here and they've done a good job of revamping the city.

My personal favorite the super banana lamb, they move it around the city every couple months, it's huge too, can't wait to show this to Andrew.

And I'll take Andrew to the trendy part of town, Albert Docks and take him on a ride on the "Ferry Across the Mersey" which is a song from the 60s and when you take the ferry ride today
they play the song, I think that's so cool!

My favorite building is the Liver Building it has a bird on each tower and it's right on the river:

Formby is known for 3 things, it's beaches, red squirrels and the fancy golf club:

Oh and my favorite pub in Formby:

And we'll try to do some shopping on Lord Street (TopShop!) if we can afford to!

We'll spend another whole weekend in January going nuts in Amsterdam with my friend Joanna.

Ahhh Amsterdam, I lived there between the ages of 5 and 13 and know it inside out, this city is beautiful and I hold it close to my heart...

We'll be flying back to Houston from Amsterdam on January 7th!

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Mirl said...

Dear Eva,

It's so lovely to be finally in touch with you again! I am happy you enjoyed yourself in Europe.
I am having the time of my life in Goa, India. I've met so many nice people and seen beautiful places. I spent Christmas and New year's Eve in Goa, which was awesome.
I've also been on a trip to North India. I managed to reach the Taj Mahal in Agra and I touched the water of the holy river Ganges.
Unfortunately to all good things comes an end. I'm flying back to Europe on the 17th of January and on the 4th of February I am rejoining college... I'll give you a ring as soon as I'm fit again (I expect to suffer of jetlag, just like you poor thing now)
Take care and hope to see you soon!

Lots of love from your friend Emilia