Saturday, December 8, 2007

Date Night 12/7

Last night was Andrew and I's date night. Keeping up date night is extremely important, it's like keeping the sabbath. It is one day of the week that stands out from our usual hectic, sometimes monotonous week.

After eating my mother's delicious dinner of stuffed cabbage rolls. (We're saving up for Europe!)
We went to my favorite movie theater, the Landmark River Oaks on West Gray:

We saw this romantic drama at 7pm:

I ended up crying at the end of the movie which is ALWAY a plus! I love crying during movies, it's extremely therapeutic and I get to make my man feel even manlier, he thinks it's adorable too. I don't know how I feel about the director taking us into the future, I was sort of enjoying the 1930s/40s era... Ah well, I really liked the movie although I heard a lot of people complaining. I think I might read the novel it is based upon over the break.

After strolling out of the theater and wiping away my tears we walked into Cafe Epicure next door where they have wonderful French-style pastries. Andrew indulged in some homemade tomato basil soup and I had their signature fresh berry lemonade with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Absolutely delicious and West Gray is so beautiful with all its palm trees lit up.

Our date night concluded with Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Starbucks.

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